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Dr. Lesley Steele

Lesley is a veterinarian (AVC Class of 97), a serial entrepreneur, a visionary and a graduate of the Wallace McCain Entrepreneurial Leadership program. She successfully owned and operated the Eastern Passage Village Veterinary Hospital for 16 years until its sale a few years ago, and currently co-owns CBS Animal Hospital in Conception Bay South NL and Kenmount Road Animal Hospital in St. John’s. She founded Vet Alliance Inc in 2009. Lesley and her team have proudly grown its membership to over 680 members, making it the largest of its kind. She is always exploring new business opportunities and taking action and has a few new businesses in the works.

Exemplary customer service and having an amazing work culture are her greatest areas of interest. She describes herself as a serial entrepreneur, but believes in having fun. She is passionate about adventure tourism, and has created opportunity to organize trips around the world. Finding the balance between work, family, and personal time can be a challenge but she is having fun trying!