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Virtual Veterinary Solutions offers integrated reception services, fully aligned with your policies and your internal team, so you can focus on the clients right in front of you and help more pets stay healthy.

Phone Call Management

The phone is ringing, but with staff pulled in different directions, sometimes calls go unanswered. When dogs are barking, pet parents are emotional, and schedules are busy, phone calls get missed. And when no one picks up, callers don’t always leave a message – or call back.

At Virtual Veterinary Solutions, we provide uninterrupted, uncompromised customer service at a lower cost than full-time, onsite staff. We manage your telephone inquiries so fewer calls are missed, and fewer leads are lost.

Callers will never feel like they’re speaking with someone in a virtual office – our staff are trained in veterinary client service and will know your clinic and customers inside and out. With happy customers and an uninterrupted team, you can provide exceptional client service that goes above and beyond – distraction free.

Message Management

These days, many customers prefer to reach out via text, email and social media, and when they do, they expect a quick response – particularly younger generations, which make up the largest pet-owning demographic.

Our team will work with you to determine the best ways to deliver a holistic customer service experience that leaves your customers, and their furry family members, feeling well cared for and valued.

Appointment Scheduling & Confirmation

Regular customer visits are crucial to growing your business and keeping pets healthy. And it’s no secret that getting people in the door has a significant impact on the profitability of your clinic. But often times, outreach to schedule routine appointments always ends up at the bottom of the to-do list.

Virtual Veterinary Solutions’ expert salespeople will fill your appointment calendar by reminding customers when it’s time for a veterinary visit and promoting preventative care services. These regular check-ins also keep your clinic top-of-mind for customers, helping increase brand loyalty.

Client Complaint Resolution

Pets are a part of the family, and for many pet parents, trips to the veterinary hospital can be emotional. This stressful state of mind can often lead to undue conflict, which can negatively impact your staff and create a poor experience for customers.

Virtual Veterinary Solutions acts as a third-party liaison between clients and veterinary staff. We’re even-tempered, patient professionals who are trained in conflict management. We’re able to provide unbiased, empathetic customer service during times of stress. We resolve issues with customers directly over the phone and using social media, to mitigate and respond to negative reviews online.

Convert callers into more collars under your care. Contact us today!