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Virtual Veterinary Solutions is passionate about helping vets grow their businesses.

Many veterinarians want to own their practice, but the thought of providing full-time pet care plus the administrative burden of owning a small business while maintaining excellent customer service is overwhelming. That’s where we come in.

You focus on what you do best; let Virtual Veterinary Solutions take care of the rest!

Our mission: Helping veterinary hospitals increase revenue, minimize chaos and improve the quality of life for employees and pets alike.

How can you provide continual, positive customer service even when faced with distractions (barking dogs, ringing telephones, scrambling team members) and emotional upsets?

The team at Virtual Veterinary Solutions has the capacity, skills and time that veterinary hospitals often lack. Our team consists of seasoned veterinary leadership, vet technicians, trainers, human resource professionals and salespeople working side-by-side with our clients in real-time. You can trust us to become an integral part of your team.

Is your veterinary hospital missing out?

The average veterinary hospital misses ~30% of phone calls, and every one is a missed opportunity. We help by providing uninterrupted, uncompromised customer service at a lower cost than full-time, onsite staff. We predict the call volume and other customer communications (emails, social media messages, and live chat) and provide appropriate support depending on the time and day.

Could your veterinary hospital take on more business?

We help you drum up sales without compromising care. We take a proactive approach to customer outreach, which results in more traffic through your door. Our reputation for friendly, trustworthy customer service helps improve your veterinary hospital’s customer engagement – and revenue.