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Virtual Veterinary Solutions helps vet practices thrive.

Founded by vets with decades of experience, Virtual Veterinary Solutions understands the challenges encountered at veterinary hospitals across the United States. Let our first-hand experience be part of your practice’s success.

Policy Development

We help animal hospitals develop both internal and customer-facing policies to maximize efficiency, protect your business and set clear expectations.

Internally, we develop Human Resource policy manuals that spell out staff responsibilities, guidelines and compensation. From overtime policies, vacation time allotment and expense processing to health and safety procedure and code of conduct, Virtual Veterinary Solutions can help you navigate it all.

We also help develop and promote friendly, customer-facing systems such as rules around appointment cancellations. Doing this helps your veterinary hospital maintain predictable income and provides customers with guidelines to better manage expectations. It promotes transparency and trust, which will help improve public perception of your business.

Procedure Development

Developing systems based on proven practices allows veterinary clinic owners to perfect their operations. We help fine-tune procedures at your hospital, allowing it to run more efficiently. We provide unbiased, helpful feedback by examining existing processes, comparing them with others in the veterinary industry, and providing recommendations for improvement.

We work closely with your team to streamline everyday tasks such as writing medical records, making them more consistent and accurate. With our help, you can have confidence your veterinary hospital is operating as it should.

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